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The privilege of having work and being grateful

It happens often where I need to pinch myself and remind myself in the moment of how immensely grateful we are to have work.

Sometimes this can get heavily overwhelming but my cup is full. Full of loved ones, work, troubles and the need to do more, give more. In the same breath wanting and needing more in life, love, work, health and wealth can be a sign of a healthy progress by stepping up, improving and being grateful for it. All of this does sound fabulous, but ending up chasing tail is right on your doorstep if you don’t pay attention. Attention to balance, family, work & health.

Trying or taking on new things is an absolute privilege but pushing myself into those uncomfortable situations where you need to step up or step out does come with a price. Soon chasing this tail might just get the better of us. BALANCE is the answer time and again. Where ever I spend my time, the time spent HAS TO BE quality time.

This can be pulled through almost every aspect of life.

When I pull this basic rule through to my interior industry, the same applies. I am privileged to work within environments where I can modify, manipulate and improve spaces to feed the soul and add balance.

Oh goodness I am grateful, adding balance to your space adds balance to your life and this makes me happy.

I am happy to be privileged to change spaces that has a direct impact on the client.

In respect of balance


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