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Behind the scenes always paints a better picture.

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

A few powerful and exciting words accurately describe the team at IN'AWE Studio.

Moms. Driven. Fun. Human. Coffee. Solutions. Style. Wine.

These words capture the essence of who we are.

Our mornings start with strong coffee. We plan our days around client schedules and our households, mostly effortlessly. Let me confess, we sometimes drop the ball, like when during a lengthy meeting you suddenly realise that you had to pick the kids up from school an hour ago!

Yes, we've been to the office looking like trainwrecks, and yes, we've been offered a lift on the back of a bakkie, following our car breaking down, and we took it!

All in the name of love for what we do.

Allow me the introductions. I am Helene van der Westhuizen, interior designer and director at IN'AWE, and I founded the company in 2014. I am a mother of three and wife to Lukas van der Westhuizen. I love sporting activities and the outdoors.

In 2015, I shared my vision to create and execute beautifully designed spaces with my friend, Renée Viljoen, and we immediately realised that we shared the same passions. Renée is our rock and operations manager. She keeps tight schedules on projects and doesn't miss a snag. Renée is a mother of two and married to Charl Viljoen.

We've had numerous successes to date, and once we put our minds to something, we are unstoppable.

Over the past eight years, we have successfully executed the designs of numerous corporate, retail and hospitality spaces and look forward to continuing so for years to come.

We invite you to visit our website to get a feel for what we do and meet the exciting, grand, and spectacular companies we've been privileged to call IN’AWE clients.

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