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Mind over darkness

It's dark or is it

Yet again, we have adapted to the dark, earlier evenings or more candlelight dinners.

Is it that bad?

Bad has never been great, but if we start looking for the light, we will find it. Have you ever thought about the upside of being in the dark? Let's shed some light on it.

My kids are getting older and social media sometimes gets more attention than family dinners. I must be honest that planning to get the food ready just in time for load shedding does have its perks. Little in life intrigues kids like the overstimulating internet, and our moments in darkness have been a light in the tunnel to get them all around the table - ON TIME! I do giggle when this happens, haha, the power of darkness!

Apart from that, I enjoy light in any form nowadays. Candlelight dinners are no longer only romantic; they allow us to switch off from all other distractions. You end up looking straight into the eyes of someone who wants to share their thoughts of the day. It is so special; it's like society has forced us into being grateful for what we have in another. Yes, the dark does make us furious because our lights never go out at a convenient time. But what would it look like if you could choose your load shedding schedule? Probably not during dinner.

It brings me to the meaning of light and its purpose or use.

THROUGHOUT your interior, you will find lighting. Each area will have its task.

We have AMBIENT LIGHTING, similar to what we are now accustomed to - lanterns, candles are fireplaces. Often, this will be a "warm or yellow" type of lighting.

You will find TASK LIGHTING in the kitchen and study, bright or "white" to ensure you see correctly. Artists need the perfect type of natural light to execute the correct colours they intend to use on a canvas and use this type of lighting.

SECURITY LIGHTING is what the name says. Mainly found along walkways, in gardens, shining up against buildings and sometimes activated through motion sensors.

Then we have ACCENT LIGHTING; this throws light on an item you need to stand out from the rest. It could be on art or a focal area within a space, almost taking on an exhibition of nature.

Light up some light in our new regular dark.

In respect of design, let there be light.


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