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Our worlds have changed, and so has our workspace.

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Be honest. Who has NEVER answered an urgent work phone call or email in a shop, not yet fully dressed, or while running errands?

If you haven't, congratulations; you are an oiled machine. For the rest of us, this is an everyday occurrence.

Nowadays, work is where you are, at that given moment, and the administrative function will only be successful if properly planned.

Here are a few questions to consider when planning a scheduled work session:

1. Do I need a quiet space, or can I work within a shared space?

2. What will the duration of the scheduled work session be?

3. Do I have sufficient natural light?

4. How do I arrange to sit? (Remember ergonomics, or how you work or are seated in your environment, plays a significant role in work efficiency).

5. Is there a power supply?

6. Have I added indoor plants?

I want to highlight the most critical factors which directly impacts your focus and productivity within a scheduled work session.

- It is of utmost importance to consider the type of seating, especially if the work session is between 4 to 8 hours. The more time you spend working in one seating position, the more mindful you should be about the type of seat you choose. Based on your height, lumbar support and seat height adjustability plays a significant role.

- Ensure that your bent knees and elbow reach is at a 90 angle.

- Choose adequate lighting to ensure the successful execution of your task or activity.

- Where do you work most focused? In quiet spaces? Or do you work efficiently in busy surroundings or with white noise?

Our mission at IN'AWE is to get behind our clients' stories and understand their spaces' needs. When considering workspaces, these needs will vary according to the purpose of the created space. These can include anything from quiet focus areas to fun or relaxing breakaway areas and general rooms such as kitchens or canteens.

The main question is: What is the desired atmosphere we want to create?

We play with senses and create comfortable or attractive spaces if the purpose is to have people linger for longer. We consider the choice of colour because, psychologically, colour has a significant impact on the audience you choose to serve. We look at the areas or passages which takes the most traffic to ensure a comfortable flow around the space, and we consider how to guide people around or in a specific area.

Spatial design or space planning is of utmost importance when designing a workspace. Ensure that the space you have serves your scheduled work session and focuses on productive outcomes. Should you require professional assistance in doing so, you are most welcome to contact us, and we would gladly do it for you.

In respect of design.


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